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Visit the Other Side

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Choose your goal:

Connect with loved ones including pets? Connect with your Spirit Guide? Connect with a Master Teacher or one of God's Messengers? Visit your life between lives?  Talk to the Council of Elders. Check your life chart?  Visit the Other Side and then easily come back to your normal life.  All questions welcome. * Let's chat about a session.

                  Theresa Micheletti          

The Other Side



Visit Heaven's helpful temples--> Packages:

3 Temples-- 3 sessions

       over 5 weeks 

$733 or 3 monthly

payments of $250

6 Temples, 1 per session over 10 weeks.     

$1233 or 3 monthly payments of $420      

(with optional bonus-- 2 more temples $60 each)


Visit 18 out of 23 Helpful Temples on the Other Side over 9 months.

2 Bonus sessions-- Meet your Guide, your Angel, your totem, find out where you live and what job you have and how you spend your time on the Other Side. 

$4,366 or 9 monthly payments of $499

Connect with Loved Ones

Connect with anyone who has passed over. Your Aunt? Your Parent? Your friend? Your Grandmother? Your pet?

Helpful Spirits

Connect with a spiritual entity? Your Spirit Guide? Your Personal Angel?  Master Teacher? An Ascended Master? 

Council of Elders

Connect with Council to ask questions or find out about an issue or find out why something happened.


Theresa Micheletti, CH



Cost $250 per private session

Let's chat about a session.


Connect with Angels to fill you with joy or to heal, to let go of unneeded emotions or unneeded memories.

LBL: Life Between Lives

What is your focus ( your job) on the Other Side? Where do you live? What do you like to do? 


Visit any of the 23 Temples helpful to us while in life. Hall of Reconnection? Hall of Healing? Temple of Learning? etc. etc.


Angel Healing Session

“Theresa,  that’s incredible…It is so much better….That was so much better. Like I haven’t heard of that kind. Working with the Angels like that. You know, I studied hypnosis but this is better than going thru past lives… It is much better. You need to do something with that [technique]…. Because that one [session] works, worked . It works good.    I don’t have the residue…I just feel different. I feel good. I feel my skin again. Not severe. I think you evolved what hypnosis is to something better…. This is real healing. That was amazing.”


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