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Certification and Renewal


PHTC Students

Certification I,  Hypnotist Certification

150 hours

Reciprocal Certification

for SBHTC Alums:

Since SBHTC is not operating, as former Director of SBHTC, my hypnosis school, PHTC would be happy to honor your training and provide you with Hypnosis Certification. Follow the link for another copy of Certification Requirements for your training class.

Certificate Renewal

See forms link.

Reciprocal Certification

renewal for SBHTC alums.

Renewal letter, forms and  

free class ideas.

Contact Theresa

Payments --two choices

1. Pay via Paypal link and send documents via email or snail mail. 


2. Send money order or credit info via snail mail with documents.

 regular mail:

PHTC Director

177 Webster St.  #221

Monterey, CA 93940

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