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Visit Heaven's Temples


Temples and Reasons to Visit



Visit one Heavenly Temple guided by hypnosis $250 (Monthly payments available.)



Visit Heaven's helpful temples--> Packages:

3 Temples-- 3 sessions over 5 weeks 

$733 or 3 monthly payments of $250

6 Temples one per session over 10 weeks.      $1233 or 3 monthly payments of $420      

(with optional bonus-- 2 more temples $60 each)


Visit 18 out of 23 Helpful Temples on the Other Side over 9 months.

2 Bonus sessions-- Meet your Guide, your Angel, your totem, find out where you live and what job you have and how you spend your time on the Other Side. 

$4,366 or 9 monthly payments of $499

Helpful Temples and Halls on the Other Side


​Hall of Healing

​Attendants heal you in a private room. This Hall can be used to address depression or illness, even chronic illness. A tool to use in addition to your earthly doctors.

Hall of Reconnection

Private Hall : You are given privacy to meet with the person with whom you choose to reconnect.​

​Hall of Wisdom

Private Hall: You can invite your Spirit Guide and/or Angels to go in with you. You use scanning machines which rise from floor to view your life, view every action, event, emotion and episode in color and stereo.

Hall of Justice

​Private area to talk with Council of Elders who consult your Life Chart. You can invite your Spirit Guide and/or your personal Angel, or loved ones to come in with you. Find out about any issue. Ask any question. Ask for advice.

​Hall of Records

​This Hall is like library, holding all of our life chart scrolls, also called .“Akashic records”.

​Hall of Resolution

​Meet with a smaller group of 6-8 Elders (Council of Elders) to resolve a concern. They will give you possible solutions.

​Hall of Remembrance

​Review a memory in 3D color. Go to the start of an issue. Find the root of a problem.

​Temple of God’s Messengers

​Meet and talk with any of the great messengers, messiahs, or holy men and women.

Hall of Meditation

​Private cubicles for quiet meditation or enjoy Heavenly music. Worries, cares, and traumas drop away.

Temple of Orientation 

​This Temple is to reorients people back to the Other Side. The gateway for souls about to incarnate.

​Temple of Penance

​Tie up loose ends. Meet with someone to work out unfinished communication. The “clean up temple” where you deal with feelings of guilt or something you did.

​Temple of Retreat

​Private area so you do not take your guide nor your Angel. Used for private contemplation, for tranquility and for R&R.

Temple of Learning

A place to find all writings from all of Earth including the complete libraries of Alexandria . ​Not a Temple for problems, A facilitator will meet you and direct you to learn about what you wish—a place, a time, a person, a subject maybe, astronomy or calculus. Ask for infusion. Choose one topic per visit.


​Hall of Research

​“Scientists, inventors, theologians, artisans, historians, writers, doctors, and a host of others do their exploration and experimentation in this building. If you want to know the latest information, this Hall is for you.

​Hall of Nature

This Hall and grounds have plant and animal habitats from rain forests to mountains to oceans. All species of animals from dinosaurs to lambs can peacefully be found here.


​Temple of Artistic Endeavor

​Learn how to paint or do mosaics or study drama. View the artifacts in the temple like a museum: models of architecture and villages like early Incan villages and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, cave drawings, tapestries, mosaics, pottery, sculptures, original art and sculpture like Michelangelo’s "David", etc,


Temple of Voices

​Your body feels the music. Angels sing like beautiful bells or listen to a choir of people from life like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.You perceive colors and see notes when a symphony plays. 

​Temple of Lectures

​Lecturers study and work here including writers, teachers, theologians, etc. Learn, gain new knowledge. Listen to experts in their field. Learn to give a lecture.

Hall of Charts

Where you made your decisions for your life chart. What are you here to accomplish? What is your theme? A humanitarian or a rescuer or ?

Temple of Mystical Travelers and Mission Life Entities

​Mission-Life Entities have a specific goal or mission. Mystical travelers are trouble shooters and problem solvers for God and can be sent anywhere.


​Temple of Spirit Guides

​Ask your Spirit Guide about your Life Chart. Ask about a life issue or why something happened.


Temple of Father God our creator

​A Temple to meet our creator. Feel the cares of life drop away.

​Temple of Azna (the Mother God) our co-creator

​Talk with the Mother God. Ask her anything. Ask for a blessing. Visit her garden.

All Questions Welcome.

177 Webster St #221

Monterey, CA 93940 


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