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PROJECT //  02

Theresa Micheletti is Director of Hypnosis for our Premier Hypnosis Training Center.

Theresa loves helping clients and seeing the quick improvements they make. She enjoys guiding regressions and Past Life sessions because people discover information that makes their lives better.

At the age of 11, Theresa started doing self hypnosis after learning hypnosis from her doctor. At that age, she mainly used hypnosis for the dentist, because she is allergic to Novocaine. Since Francine, Sylvia Browne’s Spirit Guide, specifically told Theresa she should take the hypnosis training class over 25 years ago, she has been traveling to cities across the continent doing countless hypnosis sessions and counseling. She specializes in past life regressions, and sessions to the Other Side, Heaven, where she guides people to helpful temples to deal with life's difficulties and communicate with their Spirit Guides and Master Teachers. 

Over 12 years ago, Sylvia Browne asked Theresa to become Director of Hypnosis for Sylvia Browne Hypnosis Training Center (SBHTC). As Director of SBHTC, she trained hypnotists across North America. When SBHTC went on hiatus, Theresa started Premier Hypnosis Training Center.

Theresa is also a speaker and presenter at Hypnosis and Spiritual Conferences such as Asilomar, Hypnothoughts, and International Hypnosis Federation. Now, she mainly teaches certification and advanced hypnosis classes, presents, and does hypnosis demonstrations.

Theresa is a Motivational Speaker. She is a Healer, a Channel, and a coach. She was ordained by Sylvia Browne as a Minister for the Society of Novus Spiritus over 25 years ago. She founded a new spiritual group, the Gnostic Light Keepers,

and a Public Benefit Corporation, Gnostic Light INC

She looks forward to meeting you soon.


"Excellent program! Amazing instructor!"

Jamie T.

"Because of her intuition and special energy, everyone always comes away from hearing her speak or teach with exactly what they needed to hear." Janice K.

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