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*Want to find your JOYFUL Life Path or discover your Spiritual Gifts? Ready to transform your life?

* Did you want to visit the Other Side, Heaven? Visit any or many of the 24 Temples helpful to us in life (see the list below).

*Maybe you want to visit a past life or find out why you have a phobia or maybe visit a number of past lives.

* Link to free meditation at end of this page.

Theresa Micheletti, Master Hypnotist, trained by Sylvia Browne to do Past Life regressions and classic hypnosis. Theresa was Director of Sylvia's Hypnosis School.  Through years of trance classes and studying with Sylvia, Theresa learned about Temples and life on the Other Side as well as why we are in life on Earth. Theresa has spent 3 years with Angels 1:1 sessions via an Angel Channel to gain more knowledge about our Heavenly Journey on Earth and the coming Shift to a new dimension. Angels have also guided Theresa to bring back her Spiritual Gifts like Channeling.

Heaven's Temples

The Other Side, Heaven, has 24 temples which are helpful to us in our life on Earth. We can visit them through meditation or hypnosis. You can do a session to one temple or do a package to visit many temples.

Helpful Temples and Halls on the Other Side


  1. Hall of Charts (our life’s chart)

  2. Hall of Reconnection

  3. Hall of Healing

  4. Temple of Orientation

  5. Hall of Wisdom

  6. Hall of Justice

  7. Hall of Records

  8. Hall. of Resolution

  9. Hall of Remembrance

  10. Temple of God’s Messengers

  11. Temple of Penance

  12. Hall of Meditation

  13. Temple of Retreat

  14. Temple of Levels

  15. Temple of Learning

  16. Hall of Research

  17. Hall of Nature

  18. Temple of Artistic Endeavor

  19. Temple of Voices

  20. Temple of Lectures

  21. Temple of Mystical Travelers and Mission Life Entities

  22. Temple of Spirit Guides

  23. Temple of Azna (the Mother God)

  24. Temple of Father God


Theresa has been guiding clients to the Other Side and past lives for decades.

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