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Past Life Regression

Hypnosis session to explore past lives or deal with past life issues effecting your current life or get rid of phobias rooted in past lives. Remove past life blocks. Regression 1 hour

One session $250

Visit a Helpful Heavenly Temple

Visit any of 23 helpful Heavenly Temples like the Hall of Reconnection, Hall of Healing, Temple of God's Messengers and more. You can deal with concerns or Issues. Meet Your Spirit Guide. Meet your Totem. Meet a Master Teacher. 

One session $250

Life Between Lives

Hypnosis session to explore

your life on the Other Side. How do you spend your time?What kind of housing do you have? What occupation do you have? You favorite recreation?

One session $250


Remote healing is sending healing energy using intuition to scan to identify areas needing healing whether mental, physical, emotional or spiritual  using "Energy Medicine" to balance and heal chakras, meridians, and aura.

One session $150 / 30 minutes

Q&A Channeling

Ask questions . Usual Topics: * * Health
* Spirituality
* Love
* Social Life
* Finance
* Career
* Family

One session $60 / 15 minutes

Other Services


Step onto your Joyful Life Path

Find your Spiritual Gifts

and more

More about Temples


Questions? Get in touch to learn more.

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